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The adrenal glands and the thyroid gland are the two primary systems that produce hormones when the body experiences stress.   The thyroid controls metabolism and acts as the primary producer of hormones that are utilized by every cell in the body. It is also in charge of making hormones that promote protein production and proper energy usage in cells. The adrenal glands are responsible for releasing the stress hormones.  

The thyroid and adrenals work together to respond to the body’s ever-changing status in order to relay information to the body systems and the brain.  When the adrenal system hormone, cortisol, is out of balance it throws the thyroid out of balance. The thyroid cycles through phases of both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. When cortisol is up the thyroid is down and vice versa.




Weight -loss is controlled by stress mediated hormones. One very big reason for weight-loss resistance involves hormonal imbalances. Women’s hormonal stability is exacerbated by monthly cycles. Weight loss isn’t a simple matter of calorie math, calories in less calories burned equal weight gain/loss. Weight loss is a complex interaction of hormonal biochemistry in the gut as well as the rest of the body. 

Because of toxins in the environment, western diets and lifestyles, both women and men can be affected by hormonal imbalances.   Chronic stress mediated weight gain, especially with excess fat around the waist, is a primary cause of insulin resistance. The performance of insulin or lack thereof is affected by the stress hormones. A direct relationship exists between chronic stress, blood sugar and belly fat. 




Most women become frustrated with dieting during this phase. Weight around the middle seems impossible to lose. When weight is lost, it almost always comes back with a vengeance. This is because the female body is extremely sensitive to stress during the stages of peri-menopause, menopause, and post menopause. The female body registers the standard approach to dieting as a chronic stress. During the menopausal transition these hormones go through dramatic fluctuations. This comes along with gains in weight and a dramatic shift in fat storage in the body.

This program teaches you you how to eat and exercise in a way that works with rather than against the menopausal metabolism and regain control of your weight.



For That Special Day

 Under situations of chronic stress — whether the stress is physical, emotional, mental or environmental, real or imagined — the body releases high amounts of the hormone cortisol.  During those times  when schedules are hectic and when there is a lot to do, digestive issues, poor  eating habits , etc. cortisol increases   

and interrupts the production of weight management hormones. Stress and cortisol will negatively impact the strategy for sustained weight management. 


This program teaches you how to manage nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to prevent chronic stress from wrecking your weight management goals. You will learn which hormones are triggered by both good and bad activities, so that you can effectively control weight gain and loss.



The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!


You drank the special formula, ate the food described and worked out like a trouper. You lost the weight, yes …Success! You resumed a normal life and then the pounds came roaring back with a vengeance! More weight possibly than you originally lost. So very upsetting. What now!? 

Don’t give up. Weight -loss and weight gain are controlled by stress mediated hormones. Your body might have thought it was starving to death by not getting the required nutritional support it needed. Or maybe the strenuous workouts felt a lot like being chased by some wild animal. Your subconscious brain is in charge of metabolism. The body reacts to any perceived threat to its survival with a stress reaction. Most people think of stress as an emotional or a mental reaction to an event or stimulus. But the source of stress can also be nutritional as for example not getting the required nutrients it needs; or physical such as over exercising; or environmental toxins that the body can’t effectively eliminate. 

One of the body’s primary reaction to a threat of survival is to store fuel for future use. After all, if the body thinks it is running from a wild animal, it doesn’t know when it will have an opportunity to hunt for food again. These stress reactions cause the body to store fat for future fuel.  Any environmental toxins that the body cannot get rid of, well it stores those in fat cells.  You may think this scenario is an exaggerated scenario, but no, our bodies have not evolved very much from those of our ancient ancestors. Our lifestyles, food sources and environment however, have changed significantly from those of our ancient ancestors.

Lean Therapy gives you the tools and knowledge to nurture your body through the weight loss protocol, so that it does not think it is starving to death. We provide you with guidelines far working out and de-stressing to support your body through the transition and minimize additional stress. But most importantly we help you understand the necessary steps to maintain your newly found healthy weight.



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