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Lean TherapyRx Weight Management


Our chronic stress busting diet protocol works with all food regimen types … vegan, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic and standard. It is not one size fits all. You adjust it to your life stage, your body and your preferences. We show you how to get control of your weight, heal your body while fitting everything into your preferred healthy life style. You will be able to go out to eat and even pick up carryout if you so desire. The key is making smart choices and practicing balance in your nutritional choices. And no, you don’t have to buy a gym membership. But if you have one we will teach you how to get the most out of it.

Our weight loss programs that are best for those

  • Who suffer from weight loss resistance due to a chronic stress compromised metabolism 
  • Individuals who have known thyroid or adrenal issues
  • Individuals who have known insulin resistance issues.
  • With hormone imbalance issues such as, low testosterone and PCOS
  • Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause
  • Tired of dieting, just to regain all the weight back
  • Feel miserable the entire time while dieting and just want to feel energetic instead.
  • YO-YO dieter who loss weight and gain it back over and over again.

Our Eight Week FX3 Programs


Address chronic stress induced weight management issues from physical, nutritional and environmental stressors.  Each program reflects the specific nutrition plan and exercise that best suits your metabolism and lifestyle. Each of us is a little different from our neighbor, best friend and even our brother or sister. So, our weight management plan needs to be also.  We will provide you with the keys to adjust this program to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. 

Regardless of which specific program best fits your health scenario, all programs share the Lean Therapy weight management philosophy. Loosing weight can be accomplished by almost anyone by restricting enough calories. But to lose weight in a way that restores the body’s metabolism to a healthy place requires nurturing the body and mind during the weight loss process. 

We start by establishing an environment in the body that allows it to more effectively rid itself of the toxins and pathogens that don’t belong. During the next phase, we transition the body from depending on sugar burning for the majority of its’ energy to utilizing more fat. At the third phase, the body is ready to accelerates fat burning until the goal is reached. The final step of stabilization brings everything you would have learned together in a tool kit that you can use going forward so that when life happens (holidays, having a baby, divorce, etc.), you can stay healthy and maintain your hard-fought goals. 

Our Six Week FX3 Special Event Prep Programs


Is for those individuals who have less than 20 pounds or less than 10% of body weight to lose and consider themselves to be relatively healthy. It is an intense accelerated version of our twelve-week program. It can be just the right thing to do when preparing for those special occasions in life like weddings, special vacations, class re-unions, making your old significant other jealous, etc.


Our Programs Are Based on Science

We start with the common sense assumption that the human body's starting point is a state of natural health or homeostasis and recognize the principles of human metabolism.  Symptoms arise when the body cannot maintain homeostasis and yet a disease process is not present.  Nutritional imbalances exist at this stage.   Even if, a disease diagnosis exists, addressing nutritional imbalance may improve symptoms, however; you are required to work with your medical doctor if you decide to use any of our program.

We Provide Nutritional Support Throughout the Program

 We provide you with proprietary professional grade and patented nutritional products to support your healing and weight management process.   Our goal is to empower you with the tools and information to manage your health so that this could be your very last diet ever. 

Lean TherapyRx

Dr Norma J Curby, ND

ANMA Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy

Certified Sports Nutritionist, CISSN

Emory Certified Predictive Health Partner

Morehouse School of Medicine Community Health Leader

Master Herbalist, Certified Nutrition Counselor

Dr Brittany M Curby, ND

Emory Certified Predictive Health Partner

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

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